Mud Run Bootcamp

Mud Run Bootcamp Idea

Are Bootcamps Dead? Outdoor trainers have enjoyed a lucrative time since the demise of the big box gym and health club began about 5 or 6 years ago. But attendances at outdoor bootcamps are beginning to wane and interest is declining. If this has not happened in your area yet, then you might want to…
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How to Improve Body Weight Strength

Improve Body Weight Strength

Click here to get instant blog updates How to Improve Body Weight Strength Does your outdoor training program pay enough attention to strength or is it mostly a series of ‘cardio’ workouts? How is it even possible to increase strength without access to heavy weights? Visit most outdoor training groups and you will experience lots…
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Fitness Boxing Drills

Group Boxing Drills

Group Boxing Drills   Fitness Boxing – Fight or Stay Down Drill Everyone starts punching out 2-punch or 3-punch combos of their choice and moving around using ‘step & slide’. Use the following commands to keep the group alert: ‘SPRAWL’ – do 1 sprawl and jump back up. ‘SPRAWL STAY DOWN’ – do 1 sprawl…
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