Bootcamp Bulletin

Bootcamp Bulletin #3

Beach Bootcamp Workout Ideas, Automatic Lead Generation & My Dirty Little Secret Click here for instant updates All the latest news and talking points from the world’s foremost Group Outdoor Personal Trainer Community.   Beach Boot Camp Workout Ideas We are coming into summer here in Australia and Brad is planning to do a monthly…
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Bootcamp Group Fitness

Bootcamp Group Fitness – Training Individuals in a Group Setting

Bootcamp Group Fitness Military-style group fitness training for civilians is still a relatively new trend. The benefits of joining a local fitness bootcamp can be enormous at first. But it is very common for some clients to reach a plateau and not progress further. You may already have experienced this in your own business if…
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group boxing system

A System for Group Boxing Workouts

Don’t Let Poor Technique Spoil a Good Boxing Workout   Following on from my articles on a formula for creating group boxing workouts and the relationship between skill and intensity,  I just wanted to let you know what to expect from “Bootcamp Boxing Workouts” when it comes out this Friday (31st October 2014) and how…
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Group Boxing Workout

Group Boxing Workout De-Construction

How to Raise the Roof Using a Simple, Travelling Circuit Drill – Consisting of Straight Punches and two, Self-Scaling Bodyweight Exercises   In my last update, I promised to deconstruct one of the workouts from the upcoming Bootcamp Boxing Workouts e-manual. Scroll down to watch this short video and discover just how simple it is…
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