Group Boxing Workout

Group Boxing Workout De-Construction

How to Raise the Roof Using a Simple, Travelling Circuit Drill – Consisting of Straight Punches and two, Self-Scaling Bodyweight Exercises   In my last update, I promised to deconstruct one of the workouts from the upcoming Bootcamp Boxing Workouts e-manual. Scroll down to watch this short video and discover just how simple it is…
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Bootcamp Bulletin

Bootcamp Bulletin #2

How to organise a mud run, Advertising a fitness bootcamp, Pre-natal clients & Fitness Programming for Groups Click here for instant updates All the latest news and talking points from the world’s foremost Group Outdoor Personal Trainer Community.   How to organise a mud run Karen was thinking about organising a mud-run as a way…
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Which Personal Trainer Certification, Course or Qualification do I Choose

5 Tips for Personal Trainers

Which Personal Trainer Certification,Course or Qualification do I Choose? Do you want to know which personal trainer certification or qualification is the best? Do you ever wonder why some outdoor personal trainers and bootcamp instructors are absolutely smashing it, yet some really struggle to survive? Read on to find out. Click here for instant updates…
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