group boxing system

A System for Group Boxing Workouts

Don’t Let Poor Technique Spoil a Good Boxing Workout   Following on from my articles on a formula for creating group boxing workouts and the relationship between skill and intensity,  I just wanted to let you know what to expect from “Bootcamp Boxing Workouts” when it comes out this Friday (31st October 2014) and how…
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Group Boxing Workout

Group Boxing Workout De-Construction

How to Raise the Roof Using a Simple, Travelling Circuit Drill – Consisting of Straight Punches and two, Self-Scaling Bodyweight Exercises   In my last update, I promised to deconstruct one of the workouts from the upcoming Bootcamp Boxing Workouts e-manual. Scroll down to watch this short video and discover just how simple it is…
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Bootcamp Boxing Workouts

Bootcamp Boxing Workout Formula

How to Prepare a Killer Bootcamp Boxing Workout that will Transform your Business from a ‘Me-Too’ Bootcamp to a ‘Go-To’ Bootcamp   Here’s an opportunity to add a dimension to your group training that most fitness professionals are unwilling or unable to deliver. If you are already running boxing sessions, then this is going to…
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Bootcamp Bulletin

Bootcamp Bulletin #2

How to organise a mud run, Advertising a fitness bootcamp, Pre-natal clients & Fitness Programming for Groups Click here for instant updates All the latest news and talking points from the world’s foremost Group Outdoor Personal Trainer Community.   How to organise a mud run Karen was thinking about organising a mud-run as a way…
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