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My name is Garry Robinson. I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Coach and StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor from Sydney, Australia. I am also a huge fan of obstacle races and mud runs as you can see.

Since 2008, I have trained hundreds of people and conducted thousands of group training sessions and I love what I do. But I got fed up with how much time it took me to prepare quality, inspired fitness programs and workouts for my groups.

So I started building a library of Bootcamp Workout Ideas based on everything I know about military training and general physical preparedness. I also included my best insider tips that they don’t teach you on PT certs.

Now my afternoons are free from stress and pressure knowing that I have access to a group workout program that delivers exceptional results for my clients.

Over 20,000 personal trainers and fitness camp owners have subscribed to receive my bootcamp workout programs and they are widely considered by industry experts to be the “gold standard field manual for civilian group training” .


I can help you

Every week I send out free workouts, fresh ideas to brighten up your training sessions and quality advice on how you can create a fun and very profitable group training business.

If you would like to receive these emails, just tell me where to send the workoutsand I’ll add you to the list.

I promise to keep your email address safe and you can easily opt out at any time.

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