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Should you treat all clients equally?

If your instinct is to reply “Of course! Everyone deserves the same treatment” then watch out!

That is a DISASTROUS mindset for a personal training business owner! Why? Because PT clients never treat you all the same, do they?


Some people are enthusiastic, committed and never miss training. You know the ones – a real pleasure to be around. They always participate in social events and occasionally they will bring along friends who join your training group


Yet other clients are grumpy, rarely turn up, or don’t pay you on time. They’re the ones with the victim story and excuses. They always want refunds or adjustments to their payments

Now ask yourself – do these people deserve the same treatment? I don’t think so. If you want to make life much easier and fill your business with the right clients for you then try this:

  • Work out who your BEST clients are and focus on servicing them even better
  • Work out who your WORST clients are and either ignore them or fire them!

The fact is, most of us invest way too much of our energy dealing with whingers, whiners and energy vampires. And in doing so, we sometimes neglect the rock-star, A-list clients – the ones who we love to train with us. So why not flip it around?

Flip it

Next time you have to chase a client for money,

Follow it up with a phone call to a client who always pays on time. Thank them for training with you and perhaps share a stretching tip with them

Or.. Next time you feel compelled to chase a client who has missed a few training sessions, Stop. Don’t do it! Instead, call someone who never misses training. Just a quick call to say g’day and ask them what they thought of their last workout

And if some moaning-minnie saps some of your energy with their negativity, brush them off and immediately go and call a cheerful client. Tell them you were thinking of them and ask how they’re feeling today

Repeat this process consistently over time and it really will transform your business.

You see, the whiners will gradually slope off. They will be replaced by energetic and enthusiastic fans eager to tell everyone how well you treat them.

The interesting thing about this reverse thinking is that the clients who LOVE to train with you will be STOKED to receive that call.

They get to feel special and you get to feel good about how you are making a positive impact on their lives.

Isn’t this exactly why we chose this profession in the first place?

Next Steps

If you have a story of how YOU dealt with a whinging client, please write it in the comments below. (I reply to all comments personally).

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