Bootcamp Bodyweight Workouts

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Bootcamp Bodyweight WorkoutsMake ‘bad weather’ irrelevant and join the handful of savvy trainers who have figured out how to run a highly profitable outdoor fitness business all year round.

Bootcamp Bodyweight Workouts is a collection of 25 group workouts (plus 5 fun warmup games), carefully organized into a well-structured GPP program.

You can download it directly from the members website.

Each workout is based on a unique blend of proven military training methods and sports team training drills – elegantly presented on an easy-to-follow, one-page layout.

  • Start immediately. The only equipment you’ll need is some plastic markers and a handful of inexpensive jump ropes. Go ahead – start a fitness bootcamp today!
  • Train in the rain. You don’t have to cart dirty, muddy equipment around. The workouts are based entirely on bodyweight exercises and were specifically designed to be done in all weathers. Now you can train outdoors, no matter what time of year it is.
  • Look professional. We’ve field-tested and refined this program on real groups of people: mums, office workers, triathletes and football teams. Exact timings for each drill are included, along with exercise progressions and regressions where relevant.You can be confident that every session finishes on time and demands maximum effort from every participant. Impress your clients with how professional this makes you look.


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Video Demos of 40 Bodyweight Exercises

Exercise Sample MakeoverSpecial report containing video demos for every bodyweight exercise used in the Bootcamp Bodyweight Workouts Program.

Design your own workouts based on these highly-functional, natural movements.

An invaluable resource in it’s own right, this special report is included for FREE.