Bootcamp Boxing Ideas

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Bootcamp Boxing IdeasGet ready to fill your fitness camps with all-out boxing mayhem!

Bootcamp Boxing Ideas is for professional personal trainers who want to offer the best fitness boxing experience to their clients.

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There is nothing else available today that is as thorough or complete. It represents over 5 years of research into what makes absolutely awesome fitness boxing sessions.

Discover How to Deliver Intense,
Full-Body Boxing Workouts…
Every Single Time.

Have you ever been frustrated that some boxing clients just don’t seem to ‘get it’? Or they seem either un-willing or too unco-ordinated to execute the correct technique?

The problem is that most civilian adults have actually lost their co-ordination skills and really just want to have fun. You can re-train them easily once you know how.

Bootcamp Boxing Ideas contains all the technique cues that the pro boxing coaches use. You’ll also get a full insight into how to create your own workouts, the best boxing combos to use for civilians, and loads of new ideas for boxing drills and games.


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What about uneven group numbers?

What happens when an odd number of people turn up to your boxing class?

Boxing courses and PT certs do not tell you how to deal with this very real and practical problem. But it is a big deal for conscientious trainers who want to train and coach – and not just hold the pads. This does not have to be a headache.

I’ll show you 12 different strategies to deal with odd class sizes. So you can get on with training, teaching and coaching your clients

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“I have really enjoyed the boxing bootcamp book. I instruct classes for the local YMCA. Bootcamp as well as a “Box Mania” class. I have incorporated so much from your book into my other classes and it is a BIG hit.”
Michelle Gilmore, Personal Trainer

“Garry, this book saved my life, I gave the most intense boxing workout just by adding in footwork, completely changed the whole class. My fittest guys were smashed and I still had one more drill to go. I love how I know don’t have to fret when I have uneven numbers either. Thank you.”
Maria Salamandris, Personal Trainer

“Hi Garry, I ran your power boxing workout at my Saturday morning session and it was an ABSOLUTE HIT! My clients love, love, loved it. Heaps of raves!!! I’ve bought all your products so far which have helped me so much. Keep up all your excellent work!”
Frank Braione, Personal Trainer

“I LOVE the boxing workouts!!! By far the best exercise and SO enjoyable! Looking forward to more!”
Suzanne Duval, Personal Trainer