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Transform a ‘Me-Too’ Bootcamp into a ‘Go-To’ Bootcamp for less than a hundred dollars with

Bootcamp Boxing System for Personal Trainers


Bootcamp Boxing System by Kaizen Outdoor FitnessAdd a dimension to your group personal training that most fitness professionals are either unwilling or unable to deliver…

  • Scale your PT business, earn more money and work fewer hours
    Group Personal Training allows you to train multiple people at the same time. Adding regular group boxing classes to your timetable will open up your market to a torrent of brand new clients
  • Dozens of new group boxing workout ideas
    25 Complete workouts that deliver variety, entertainment and extra-ordinary results to your PT clients – without poor technique and co-ordination affecting the intensity of their workout
  • No previous boxing teaching experience required
    You don’t even need a boxing qualification. Full instructions are included – including over 100 teaching cues.


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SOLVED! How to Teach Clients Correct Boxing Technique

– Without Reducing Work Intensity

Bootcamp Boxing - Kaizen Outdoor Fitness

Breakthrough Formula Guarantees Everyone in Your Boxing Class a Killer Training Session


Dear Friend,

If you want to get ahead as a personal trainer today, you need two things: A strong point of difference and the ability to deliver exceptional results.

Adding fitness boxing sessions to your timetable will give you both.

On this webpage, I’m going to show exactly you how to gain this advantage – even if you have never run a group boxing workout before and don’t know where to start.

And if you already conduct boxing sessions, I know you will be keen to get your hands on a brand new batch of combos, drills and ideas that will add variety to your classes and drive your clients insane with enthusiasm.


[color-box color=”gray”]Garry Robinson SFGMy name is Garry Robinson. I’m a personal trainer, Crossfit coach and SFG kettlebell instructor.

I’ve been running fitness bootcamps since 2007 and during that time, I have delivered well over 500 fitness boxing classes.

I struggled for years to find the right mix of teaching, fun and intensity. Until I discovered a formula that guarantees everyone in the class a killer workout – regardless of their ability.

And you don’t need to be a qualified or highly-skilled boxing coach to use it.

Today, boxing is by far the most popular class I teach and my clients LOVE the buzz and excitement they get from their workout[/color-box]


Intensity is Vital


It took me years of practice and experience to learn how to plan and deliver group boxing sessions that push every individual in the group to their limit, every single time.

It is too bad that boxing qualifications and certifications don’t teach this – because it is crucial to our success as trainers. As you know, intensity is the one variable that has the biggest influence on results – everyone must leave your training session with an empty tank.

Here’s the thing: Intensity can only increase if the skill and co-ordination requirement decreases.

Overlook this, and you will find it impossible to keep everyone working at their physical limits.



Group Boxing Workouts Formula


Fortunately, I incorporated this proven formula into every workout in the Bootcamp Boxing System. Now you can teach your clients correct technique without affecting the intensity of the workout.

There are 3 simple ground rules:

  1. No kicking. It’s dangerous and unnecessary for what we are trying to achieve.
  2. Only use 4 basic punches that anyone can quickly learn and teach.
  3. Incorporate self-limiting, plyometric bodyweight exercises to work the legs and really amp up the intensity

All the done-for-you workouts in the Bootcamp Boxing System are progressive, flow really nicely and are delivered in 5 main parts:
[color-box color=”white”]Bootcamp Boxing Workouts


An agility drill or some light shadow boxing to refresh skills.


Spend a few minutes teaching just one skill. This would typically be either a footwork drill, an element of one of the 4 basic punches (jab, cross, hook, uppercut) or how to co-ordinate a very simple combination of punches.


A couple of “Combo Rounds” that employ the new skill without being too technical. Most adults have already lost much of their co-ordination. They will get it back gradually – just don’t go all technical on them or they will get put off.

Main Workout

This is the main event. Creative drills that are light on skill but heavy on intensity. I’ve discovered dozens of formats over the years and you’ll get my client’s all-time favourites in the Bootcamp Boxing System.


An easy stretch routine that releases and stretches all the right muscles


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You can do it!


As you can see, the formula solves some of the most difficult challenges we face as group boxing trainers:

  • The workout is structured so that the teaching and instructing elements are removed from the actual training. Little to no skill and co-ordination is required from participants during the main workout segment.
  • You don’t need experience or expert boxing skills. Any personal trainer with a basic understanding of human movement can learn and teach the 4 basic punches and footwork drills.
  • The self-limiting nature of plyometric bodyweight exercises enables individuals to train at a very high level of intensity relative to their ability – without the need for equipment.
  • It allows you to get creative during the main workout by blending fun drills with simple punch combinations. I’ll show you lots of ways you can deliver variety. No two boxing workouts will ever be the same.
  • I’ve also included 12 different strategies to deal with odd class sizes so you can get on with training, teaching and coaching your clients instead of holding pads and shields for them.



Systems set you free


Without a system, you must repeatedly invest time and energy to get the same result.

In the case of a professional personal trainer who wants to run group boxing classes, it means constantly creating or researching new ideas and then testing them out to see if they work. This places a limit on your income-earning potential – and it’s the main reason why most PT “businesses” are really just jobs in disguise.

It also affects the results your clients experience when you sometimes get it wrong.

[color-box color=”white”]The Bootcamp Boxing System is a proven formula that gives you CONFIDENCE
– it is a tried and tested method that produces results in a consistent and reliable way, every single time

You could spend years and hundreds of dollars learning, researching, and experimenting with your own group boxing classes – and get uncertain results. (That’s what I did, before I finally figured this out).

Or, you could use the workouts in the Bootcamp Boxing System and have absolute confidence that your clients will have the time of their life, and extra-ordinary results too.


Brandon Siebert


Ray Simpson


Penny Rendell


Bootcamp Boxing Workouts by Kaizen Outdoor Fitness



5 Reasons to buy now


  1. Includes 25 BRAND NEW group boxing workouts proven to get results. Your clients will love training with you and you’ll have new clients lining up once the word gets out.
  2. You’ll get access to dozens of tried-and-tested combos and drills. No more guesswork or spending ages on the internet searching for new ideas. You have instant variety on tap.
  3. Access a system that delivers maximal intensity to every single client, every single time – regardless of their low skill level or lack of co-ordination. This produces exceptional results, exceptionally fast.
  4. Get started immediately – even if you don’t have boxing experience or qualifications. Any personal trainer or group fitness instructor with a basic understanding of human movement will be able to follow this system.
  5. Gain first mover advantage. Being the first trainer or even the only trainer in your area with access to this system will put you in rare air. Everyone knows that the first to market with something new always wins the majority of the business.


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Rock-Solid, 100% Risk-Free, Success Guarantee for 60 days


Investing just A$59 now in Bootcamp Boxing System will earn you back at least $200 per month in new income gained by implementing this system. To me, that equates to attracting or retaining at least one bootcamp client for every month you use these workouts.

You are likely to do way better than that – but this is the bar of success for the guarantee.

If you implement the workouts and put in a good-faith effort to follow my advice, I will refund your money if it doesn’t work for you. You have to let me know if this happens, and I have to refund your money promptly.

This is a rock solid, 60-day guarantee backed up by Paypal – if you don’t believe the Bootcamp Boxing System will make a positive impact on your personal training career anytime in the next 60 days, just tell me why and you get your money back.[/color-box]

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Download Bootcamp Boxing System Now For Just $59 AUD



Take this golden opportunity now


Don’t let your client’s poor technique get in the way of a good workout!

This system is the product of over 7 years of research into what makes absolutely awesome fitness boxing sessions. No other resource or training available today is as thorough or complete.

Download the complete system right now and make your next boxing session one that your clients will not stop talking about.

To your success!

Garry Robinson
Kaizen Outdoor Fitness

PS – A quick recap of what you get (for the action takers who want to cut straight to the chase):

  • Hundreds of expert technique cues to help your clients learn boxing quickly.
    PLUS: Vital information on the 4 most common boxing injuries and how to avoid them
  • 12 different strategies for dealing with uneven group sizes (You’ll laugh at other trainers who still haven’t worked out how to deal with this)
  • Exactly what equipment you need (and don’t need) to run professional fitness boxing classes.
    HINT: you will save hundreds of dollars just by knowing this
  • 25 completely done-for-you group boxing workouts
  • 20 original group drills and boxing games
  • 10 different warmup routines and footwork drills
  • 50 authentic combos used by pro boxing coaches (with advanced instructions on how to create your own)
  • PLUS ADDED BONUS: Video demos of over 20 genuine MMA bodyweight exercises to include in your main event segments



Kaizen Outdoor Fitness Buy NowDownload Bootcamp Boxing System Now For Just $59 AUD






 Please note: The Bootcamp Boxing System is digital product. No physical items are shipped.