Step 1.
Stop competing on price with low-end, desperate  trainers

Step 2.
Raise your standards by downloading this bundle of world class field e-manuals

Step 3.
Deliver properly planned, results-oriented programs instead of random workouts

Step 4.
Justify your higher prices and eliminate competition by offering a results guarantee

If you want to earn more money and attract better clients, you must promise results instead of selling training sessions - and then back that promise up with a money-back guarantee. That's exactly how professional trainers command such high fees and manage to have clients eating out the palm of their hand.
People will happily pay whatever price you ask when you guarantee an outcome, because it removes all risk. It's like an insurance policy to protect the downside. If your program doesn't help them get what they want, then they get their money back.
To earn more, you better start charging more. And the place to start is by investing in your group workout program...


  1. Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 1 (RRP $39.00)
    50 original workouts scaled for all fitness levels. With insider tips straight from Australia’s top military and civilian PTIs. Literally thousands of hours in the field have been condensed into the most effective bunch of group workouts on the market today.
  2. Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 2 (RRP $39.00)
    50 more bootcamp workouts designed to shred fat and motivate your clients. These are slightly shorter, but more intense workouts that torch body fat without depleting muscle.
  3. Bootcamp Bodyweight Workouts (RRP $19.00)
    Start a fitness bootcamp today! All you need are these 25 bodyweight-only workouts, some cheap plastic markers and a handful of inexpensive jump ropes. Exact timings for each drill are included, along with exercise progressions and regressions so that you look professional every time.
  4. Popular Programs  (RRP $19.00)
    Learn how to offer money-back guarantees that will attract more clients to your fitness bootcamps. Contains full instructions on how to create effective group outdoor fitness programs that deliver real results.
  5. Bootcamp Boxing Workouts (RRP $19.00)
    Don’t let your client’s poor technique get in the way of a good workout! These 25 group boxing workouts follow a proven formula that separates the teaching from the training. Giving you absolute confidence that each individual in your group will train at an intensity that is right for them.
  6. Bootcamp Boxing Ideas (RRP $39.00)
    For professional personal trainers who want to offer the best fitness boxing experience to their clients. Using the same techniques that pro boxing coaches use, learn how to deliver boxing workouts to any size group (includes 12 strategies for dealing with odd numbers).

Customer Feedback

"The word keeps spreading between participants and the class is continuing to grow"
- Terri Jenkins, Personal Trainer

“Your books have been so helpful in making me more thoughtful about my planning and prep. They also help me relax knowing that I have a nice library of ideas"
- Edwin Carey, Personal Trainer

"You have saved me from a brain meltdown once again!"
- Naomi Miller, Personal Trainer

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