Bootcamp Business Training

Fitness Bootcamp Business Training

Discover how to earn a full-time income, working part-time hours.
These mini-courses reveal strategies for building a fun and profitable group personal training business.

Get more clients. Keep them for longer. Deliver real and lasting results.


Fit Pro Career Accelerator™ Course

Fit Pro Career Accelerator™ Course

Build a six-figure group outdoor training business in your spare time.

Fitness Bootcamp Fundamentals

Fitness Bootcamp Fundamentals [68 mins]

If you are currently ‘stuck’, then this training will help you bust through the block

One Hour Fitness Bootcamp Launch Formula

One Hour Fitness Bootcamp Launch Formula [46 mins]

Launch or re-launch your fitness bootcamp in under an hour! This month’s meeting is a case study of the exact steps I took to launch my new bootcamp..

How to Sell Fitness Bootcamps

How to Sell Fitness Bootcamps [69 mins]

Use the ‘invisible sales system’ to double the number of leads you convert into paying clients. Download a free ‘Sales Meeting Cheat Sheet’.


Fitness Programming for Groups [52 mins]

Create fun and effective workout programs for groups of all abilities and fitness levels.

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Troubleshooting Bootcamps [35 mins]

Is your PT business leaking clients? Uncover hidden profits and accelerate your growth.


Can’t Run Won’t Run [34 mins]

Running is the king of outdoor exercise. But what do you do when clients tell you that they can’t run or they refuse to run?


Automatic Lead Generation for Fitness Bootcamps [54 mins]

Build a lead machine that sends clients to you automatically. Getting leads will never be a problem again.


How to Implement Fitness Bootcamp Memberships [40 mins]

How to instantly increase client retention and earn more money – without increasing your prices.


Building Your Fitness Bootcamp During Winter [37 mins]

Grow your outdoor training group during winter! Find out how to cash in while every other trainer goes indoors.

Watch the videos AND receive personal coaching to help you implement as soon as you join