Fitness Boxing Drills

Group Boxing Drills

Group Boxing Drills   Fitness Boxing – Fight or Stay Down Drill Everyone starts punching out 2-punch or 3-punch combos of their choice and moving around using ‘step & slide’. Use the following commands to keep the group alert: ‘SPRAWL’ – do 1 sprawl and jump back up. ‘SPRAWL STAY DOWN’ – do 1 sprawl…
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Ladder Drill

Agility Ladder Drill

i. High knees / Run Backwards ii. Hopscotch / Side Steps iii. Lateral Steps / Grapevine iv. Fast Feet / Step & Slide v. Zig-Zag, In-in out , in-in-out / Bear Crawl Forward vi. Skip 1 Space / Bear Crawl Backwards vii. Hops (both feet) / Sideways Plank viii. Hops (single leg) miss 1 space…
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Throw N Count

Divide the group up into 2 or more equal teams of 3 – 4 people per team. Place an agility ring or hoop flat on the ground approximately 5 metres away from each team. The instructor calls “Go!” and 1 member from each team attempts to throw a light medicine ball into the ring. A…
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Extreme Duck Duck Goose

Adults love this variation of the popular kids playground game! The whole group forms a big circle, facing outwards and spaced out about 2m apart. Everyone is jogging on the spot throughout the game. The youngest person starts first by leaving the circle and jogging clockwise around the outside, tapping or pointing at each player…
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