Bootcamp Workout Ideas E-Book

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Bootcamp Workout Ideas E-Book

This collection of original and previously unseen workout ideas will freshen up your bootcamp sessions and have new clients beating a path to your door.

Bootcamp Workout Ideas E-Book is a field manual of 50 complete workouts scaled for all fitness levels. It also includes 10 fun warm-up drills, 30 intense boxing combos and loads of insider tips straight from Australia’s top military and civilian PTIs

The workouts, drills and ideas in this e-manual are the real deal!

They are the result of over 3 years spent studying and training with successful bootcamp business owners and real military PTIs. I have spent literally thousands of hours in the field with my own bootcamp clients, trying out ideas and condensing them into the most effective bunch of workouts on the market today.

Forget about spending hours trawling the internet looking for workout ideas.

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Your time is more valuable than that.

Invest in Bootcamp Workout Ideas E-Book now and free up time for your own training, to sleep more, or work on growing your bootcamp business.

The workouts have already been organized into the categories described in the “Popular Programs E-Manual”. This makes the task of creating new fitness programs effortless.


Bootcamp Workout Ideas E-Book


Bootcamp Workout Ideas E-Book Contents

Inside you will find

•    A 3 month training program
•    10 bootcamp warmup ideas
•    13 running-based workouts
•    11 high intensity training (H.I.T.) sessions
•    9  workouts that involve teamwork
•    6 strength sessions
•    6 boxing workouts
•    5 circuits with a difference

With Bootcamp Workout Ideas E-Book, you will never run out of ideas. Each week you also receive new warm ups, workouts, drills, PTI tips and marketing advice delivered straight to your inbox.

“This e-book is filled with some really good stuff that I had not seen before. I love the fact that Garry has timings for each drill and I like that he has included a three month training program. A very good job. I certainly give this my recommendation.”
- Scott York, Fitness Industry Expert Author,

“Another great work out tonight. I used Boxing #3 and I have to tell you, my clients were pumped, they loved it. The hour went by so quickly, they actually asked for more!! Fantastic.
– Sonia Sonda, Personal Trainer