Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 2

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Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 2Even more bootcamp ideas to freshen up your training sessions and motivate your clients to new levels of fun and excitement!

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This collection of 50 brand new workouts will blow you away!

It is packed full of new outdoor training ideas, drills, exercises, boxing combos, warm-up games and much, much more.

  • There are video demonstrations of all the exercises so you can see exactly what to do, just by clicking on links within the document.
  • Each workout has been categorised and coded so that you can see immediately what training techniques are employed. This makes it quick and easy to incorporate the workouts into your own timetable or create your own programs from scratch
  • An example 3 month program has been included that organises the workouts in such a way that guarantees optimal results
  • There are more useful tips from Australia’s top PTIs to help your sessions run smoothly
  • Each workout includes a specific cool-down stretch routine with photos so you don’t even have to think about what muscles to stretch afterwards


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These bootcamp workouts have been specifically designed for groups of civilians with varying degrees of fitness and ability.

Coping with different fitness levels is one of the biggest challenges that civilian PTIs face. If this sounds familiar to you, then relax. I already figured out heaps of strategies that make managing different fitness levels not only possible, but advantageous.

Every individual in your group will be challenged by these workouts. No one gets left behind.

If you already have Bootcamp Workout Ideas, you will love the new ideas and advancements in this latest batch of workouts. The program has been developed over a 12 month period with real groups of clients and trainers participating. Over 200 workouts were tried and tested in the field to select the 50 that are worthy of being in this e-manual.

You will find a lot of the workouts are shorter, but more intense. This formula has delivered far better results for clients in terms of improving overall fitness and burning fat without depleting muscle.

I also found that prescribing natural, more functional movements has been great for raising the intensity and improving range of motion and mobility too.

Sandbags, kettlebells, battling ropes and medicine balls all feature in this program but the majority of the exercises remain based on bodyweight.

“Just want to say thanks for all the great ideas and the awesome programs. Since I started implementing the workouts my campers have not stopped raving about them. I have had people asking me to please repeat programs the next week cause they enjoyed them so much. ‘Fight gone bad’, ‘Partner relays’ etc etc.


O yes … we had like 7 places in the top 10 for the 10km run. There wasn’t even someone from the athletics club in sight. My ladies kicked butt! …. The programs got us there!”
- Steph Combrinck, Personal Trainer, ZA


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    I joined the other day, but don’t know how to go about downloading my books. Please help, as I want get started with them ASAP.