Creating Value and Making An Impact

How should we measure our success as fitness professionals?

In other words, how do we know when we are doing a good job?

Because in reality there are only two metrics that matter:

  1. How many people you serve – the impact you make
  2. How much value you create – how much you get paid in return

Now you may not agree, but the currency of value is MONEY

Show me how much money you earn and I’ll know how much value you deliver

I think this is why it’s virtually impossible for 1-on-1 personal trainers to succeed.


The impact you can make as a 1-on-1 personal trainer is minuscule.

Because the more you charge, the more time you must invest to create value.

Your time is finite.

And there is a limit to how much money the market can bear to pay you. No matter how good you are, there will always be a ceiling on how much you can earn swapping your time for money.

To be successful as fitness professionals, we must figure out how to create value and how to make a greater impact.

One way to do this is to launch a group personal training practice.

And when I say practice, I mean a bunch of systems and procedures that deliver a predictable, repeatable result whether you choose to work or not.

You do the value-creation once and get paid many times over for it.

My mentor, Dean Jackson calls this a “scale-ready algorithm”

Once you figure out how to get a result for one person (which could be you), then you codify it and turn it into a repeatable operating procedure that anyone can follow to get the same result.

That is what I did with my fitness bootcamp training system

Beyond group training: packaged products & services

Today, it’s possible to make a huge impact delivering your training system via apps, membership sites, online courses and books.

Many of the gym owners and fitness professionals I work with generate passive income from programs they originally created to train their clients 1-on-1, then in a group setting, and now on a global scale.

This online income far exceeds what we earn from training clients in our studios, gyms or boxes — and it eclipses what is possible by slaving away training people one at a time.

While there is still a limit on how much you can charge for packaged products and services, the impact you can make is virtually infinite.

Which means the value you create – and how much you get paid – is virtually infinite too.

Need some help developing your “scale-ready algorithm”?

If you are currently doing well as a trainer or coach, and have a feeling that what you know is worth perhaps $100k per year more than you make right now, I can help you.

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