Extreme Duck Duck Goose

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duck_duck_goose_mediumAdults love this variation of the popular kids playground game!

The whole group forms a big circle, facing outwards and spaced out about 2m apart. Everyone is jogging on the spot throughout the game.

The youngest person starts first by leaving the circle and jogging clockwise around the outside, tapping or pointing at each player in turn and calling each one a ‘duck’ until finally picking one to be a ‘goose’.

Each time you get called a duck you do a squat (“quacking” is optional but good for a laugh).

The ‘goose’ then runs anti-clockwise around the circle while the picker continues to run clockwise. At the crossover point, the players can attempt to block each other in the ‘race’ to get back to vacant space first. Depending on the group, you may want to enforce a ‘no physical-contact block’.

Make sure everyone in the circle takes a turn at being the ’picker’.

  • Jake Bedard

    You beat me to it, but I made another version of duck duck goose here:
    We must’ve had similar childhoods!