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Fitness Bootcamp Equipment Gear Guide

10 Top Training Tools for Fitness Boot Camp Instructors How much equipment do you really need to run an outdoor fitness business? What is the best equipment to buy? One huge advantage we have as personal trainers is that you can start an outdoor fitness business with literally no equipment and just acquire it as…
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Are You Making This Huge Personal Training Blunder?

Learning from other people’s mistakes is one of the smartest things you can do in business. So in this post I’m going to expose another very common business mistake that personal trainers and gym owners make when they first start out. A mistake so common, it has almost become standard industry practice. Now there are…
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Which Personal Trainer Certification, Course or Qualification do I Choose

5 Tips for Personal Trainers

Which Personal Trainer Certification,Course or Qualification do I Choose? Do you want to know which personal trainer certification or qualification is the best? Do you ever wonder why some outdoor personal trainers and bootcamp instructors are absolutely smashing it, yet some really struggle to survive? Read on to find out. Download FREE Factsheet First of…
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