How to Overcome Exercise-Phobia

…And Make Your PT Clients Fitter, Faster, Stronger and Better-Looking As fitness professionals, we regularly meet people whose lifestyle choices have made them sick and immobile. Their bodies have become fat, tired and broken and they are frustrated at how difficult it is to simply “eat less and move more”. To make matters worse, there…
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Action taking ideas for success

Action-taking Ideas for Success

Let me tell you a secret. The power to achieve success in business is within us all. We already have what it takes! In fact, this is what separates the most successful PTs – action. Let’s see if we can inspire ourselves to do something good today…. Look at these examples: Randy Hetrick pioneered the…
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Personal Trainer Tips

Personal Trainer Tips – How to Motivate Yourself

Personal Trainer Tips Being a fitness trainer is a challenge. A lot of folk outside the industry don’t realise the amount of effort you have to put into this business and sometimes we need a bit of motivation too. Unlike many other businesses, this is an immensely personal one. You’re working hand-in-hand with clients on…
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