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BootCamp Boxing Workouts

Bootcamp Boxing Workouts


Don’t let your client’s poor technique get in the way of a good workout! These group boxing workouts deliver variety, entertainment and extra-ordinary results.

The 25 unique Bootcamp Boxing Workouts in this field manual are all based on proven formula that separates the teaching from the training.

Have absolute confidence that each individual in your group will train at an intensity that is right for them. Every single time.

Bootcamp Bodyweight WorkoutsBootcamp


Make ‘bad weather’ irrelevant and join the handful of savvy trainers who have figured out how to run a highly profitable outdoor fitness business all year round

Bootcamp Boxing IdeasBootcamp


Get ready to fill your fitness camps with all-out boxing mayhem!
For professional personal trainers who want to offer the best fitness boxing experience to their clients.

Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 1Bootcamp
Vol 1


50 original bootcamp workouts to freshen up your group training sessions and have new clients beating a path to your door.

Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 2Bootcamp
Vol 2


50 more bootcamp workouts designed to shred fat and motivate your clients to new levels of fun and excitement!

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Customer Feedback


“The workouts are tough, but not so difficult that my clients (all women) feel intimidated. Rather, they feel accomplished and satisfied. Just tonight I did your Death by Boot Camp #1 workout. It was fantastic! All of them finished the 20 rounds perfectly and one of them impressed even herself by doing it all with 15 pound weights. It’s been super awesome. Thanks so much for your help!”
Laura Detmar, Personal Trainer



“Thank you for all the great programs you’ve designed. I teach fitness classes at a few different places and I was starting to lose my passion for teaching, I felt like I was running out of ideas for my classes. Now I’ve have a some amazing new ideas thanks to you”
Jennifer Manson, Personal Trainer



“Everyone in our group enjoys the workouts and look forward to the next one; they love the fact that no 2 workouts have been the same. The word keeps spreading between participants and the class is continuing to grow.

Thanks again for all the great workouts and support. I am definitely learning a lot about a bootcamp business from all of your emails.”
Terri Jenkins, Personal Trainer



“I’ve purchased quite a few manuals however I always seem to refer back to yours the most as I believe they are the best well planned sessions, and obviously tried & tested as they always work! 🙂
Danielle Lyons, Personal Trainer



“Thanks Garry, you have saved me from a brain meltdown once again! Its been hard to get motivated after the holidays and this is just what I need for some fresh ideas and enthusiasm.”
Naomi Miller, Personal Trainer



“Hi Garry. Just wanted to let you know that I bought your entire bundle and I’m loving your work.  Great video’s and fabulous structured programs.  I’m especially enjoying the boxing and have changed the way I structure my class now and it has worked a treat.. Keep up the great work!”
Angela Gawthorne, Personal Trainer



“Thank you Garry. Your workouts are awesome – they are easy to follow, well laid out, I love leading them and my clients love them (although they do swear a lot while doing them). Keep up the fantastic work – it is great to have your support, especially when there is so much to do as a PT!!!”
Carolyn McMillan, Personal Trainer



“Thanks, Garry. Workouts are going well. I’ve been able to incorporate a few with the San Francisco Police Academy and they got their butts kicked and they loved it!  I really appreciate variety of workouts you have put together and it has inspired me even more. Great stuff and I’ll keep you posted as the weeks go by.”
Alyssa Hershkowitz, Personal Trainer



“Your ideas have been a blessing. Since we started to communicate the group grew and they are “loving” every second, minute and hour of training.”
Morne Joseph, Personal Trainer



“Your books have been so helpful in making me more thoughtful about my planning and prep. They also help me relax knowing that I have a nice library of ideas to incorporate. I’ve been using your material so much, coming up with my own plan for tonight just came to me. I feel like my imagination is being expanded. Thanks a lot!”
Edwin Carey, Personal Trainer



“Hey Garry, I just want to start off by saying how much I love the Kaizen manuals – they are brilliant. So well put together with workouts that really work! They are my turn to resources when my imagination fails me and need ideas to keep it fresh and my clients on their toes…. I’ve bought others before which are nowhere near the quality in terms of content and form.”
Sarah Davis, Personal Trainer



“The layout is great. From the moment you open the file you will see that Bootcamp Workout Ideas is visually appealing to the eye. It’s clear that it has been designed by a professional. The text is quite large and the colours complement each other well meaning that its easy to flick through and read, even on a smartphone or an iPad.”
Kyle Wood, Personal Trainer



“I’m always on the go, so sometimes I need someone to take the hard work of thinking out, and I think you have just done this. This is one of the best books on Workout Ideas I’ve seen to date. Keep up the good work :)”
Sonia Sonda, Personal Trainer



“Love your resources. Better than every course I’ve attended!!. Your resources are easy to follow.”
Trudie Blachford, Personal Trainer



“Hey Garry. Thankyou for creating this program. It has made me so much better as an instructor. It has given me a whole new set of ideas to train my clients with.”
Ben Weier, Personal Trainer



“Hey Garry, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you are doing. You certainly make me look good in front of my clients. Everyone really enjoys the variety that I can bring with your help.”
Sharon Holman, Personal Trainer



“Hi mate, Just a quick email to pass on my positive feedback. I honestly love your workouts and, at a time when my life is ultra busy building a business, both your workouts and programmes ebooks have been a godsend. They have allowed me to focus more time on all the essential marketing and admin tasks that go hand-in-hand with building a good business.”
Rob Jones, Cardiac Rehab Specialist



“I love having hundreds of go to workouts and marketing ideas at my finger tips! 🙂 It has helped me a lot. I changed my 3 person boot camp to 10 on my own and since then up to 27 with your help and participant boosting ideas! Thank you for delivering such great products and making them very inexpensive!”
Lynndell Popoff, Personal Trainer



“Super glad I got this. I didn’t expect to be able to open the book, flip to a page, and have my afternoon planned for me. Great stuff.”
Seth Hill, Personal Trainer



“Hi Garry, Since implementing your exercises my classes have grown from 3 a week to 6 a week! My clients have so much fun they keep coming back for more!! So thank you.”
Tracey Powell, Personal Trainer



“Hi Garry. I can’t tell you how much your articles, workouts etc are helping me. Today has been a breakthrough! I’m feeling the most organised I have felt in 11 weeks and for the first time feel as though I am on top of things and actually have a structure. Every boot camp owner should get on board … it is brilliant!!”
Nicole Draper, Personal Trainer



“Hi Garry, I must THANK YOU for the amazing increase in clients, since implementing ideas from your workouts into my boot camps. The feedback has been fantastic, they love the sessions, they love the fact they leave knowing they have used just about every muscle in the bodies, and they leave with the hugest smiles because they have ENJOYED THEIR WORKOUT!”
Amanda Dawson, Personal Trainer



“Hi there, I just wanted to thank you for all the workouts. I love coming up with new routines for my clients (I specialise in kids classes and post natal rehab exercise classes) but sometimes I just have a complete blank and can’t think up something new and exciting. Thanks again for your brilliant work.”
Laura Drexler, Personal Trainer