Bootcamp Bodyweight Workouts

Bootcamp Bodyweight WorkoutsMake ‘bad weather’ irrelevant and join the handful of savvy trainers who have figured out how to run a highly profitable outdoor fitness business all year round.

Bootcamp Bodyweight Workouts is a collection of 25 group workouts (plus 5 fun warmup games), carefully organized into a well-structured GPP program.

You can download it directly from the members website.

Each workout is based on a unique blend of proven military training methods and sports team training drills – elegantly presented on an easy-to-follow, one-page layout.

  • Start immediately. The only equipment you’ll need is some plastic markers and a handful of inexpensive jump ropes. Go ahead – start a fitness bootcamp today!
  • Train in the rain. You don’t have to cart dirty, muddy equipment around. The workouts are based entirely on bodyweight exercises and were specifically designed to be done in all weathers. Now you can train outdoors, no matter what time of year it is.
  • Look professional. We’ve field-tested and refined this program on real groups of people: mums, office workers, triathletes and football teams. Exact timings for each drill are included, along with exercise progressions and regressions where relevant.You can be confident that every session finishes on time and demands maximum effort from every participant. Impress your clients with how professional this makes you look.


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Video Demos of 40 Bodyweight Exercises

Exercise Sample MakeoverSpecial report containing video demos for every bodyweight exercise used in the Bootcamp Bodyweight Workouts Program.

Design your own workouts based on these highly-functional, natural movements.

An invaluable resource in it’s own right, this special report is included for FREE.


Bootcamp Boxing Ideas

Bootcamp Boxing IdeasGet ready to fill your fitness camps with all-out boxing mayhem!

Bootcamp Boxing Ideas is for professional personal trainers who want to offer the best fitness boxing experience to their clients.

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There is nothing else available today that is as thorough or complete. It represents over 5 years of research into what makes absolutely awesome fitness boxing sessions.

Discover How to Deliver Intense,
Full-Body Boxing Workouts…
Every Single Time.

Have you ever been frustrated that some boxing clients just don’t seem to ‘get it’? Or they seem either un-willing or too unco-ordinated to execute the correct technique?

The problem is that most civilian adults have actually lost their co-ordination skills and really just want to have fun. You can re-train them easily once you know how.

Bootcamp Boxing Ideas contains all the technique cues that the pro boxing coaches use. You’ll also get a full insight into how to create your own workouts, the best boxing combos to use for civilians, and loads of new ideas for boxing drills and games.


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What about uneven group numbers?

What happens when an odd number of people turn up to your boxing class?

Boxing courses and PT certs do not tell you how to deal with this very real and practical problem. But it is a big deal for conscientious trainers who want to train and coach – and not just hold the pads. This does not have to be a headache.

I’ll show you 12 different strategies to deal with odd class sizes. So you can get on with training, teaching and coaching your clients

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“I have really enjoyed the boxing bootcamp book. I instruct classes for the local YMCA. Bootcamp as well as a “Box Mania” class. I have incorporated so much from your book into my other classes and it is a BIG hit.”
Michelle Gilmore, Personal Trainer

“Garry, this book saved my life, I gave the most intense boxing workout just by adding in footwork, completely changed the whole class. My fittest guys were smashed and I still had one more drill to go. I love how I know don’t have to fret when I have uneven numbers either. Thank you.”
Maria Salamandris, Personal Trainer

“Hi Garry, I ran your power boxing workout at my Saturday morning session and it was an ABSOLUTE HIT! My clients love, love, loved it. Heaps of raves!!! I’ve bought all your products so far which have helped me so much. Keep up all your excellent work!”
Frank Braione, Personal Trainer

“I LOVE the boxing workouts!!! By far the best exercise and SO enjoyable! Looking forward to more!”
Suzanne Duval, Personal Trainer


Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 2

Bootcamp Workout Ideas Volume 2Even more bootcamp ideas to freshen up your training sessions and motivate your clients to new levels of fun and excitement!

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This collection of 50 brand new workouts will blow you away!

It is packed full of new outdoor training ideas, drills, exercises, boxing combos, warm-up games and much, much more.

  • There are video demonstrations of all the exercises so you can see exactly what to do, just by clicking on links within the document.
  • Each workout has been categorised and coded so that you can see immediately what training techniques are employed. This makes it quick and easy to incorporate the workouts into your own timetable or create your own programs from scratch
  • An example 3 month program has been included that organises the workouts in such a way that guarantees optimal results
  • There are more useful tips from Australia’s top PTIs to help your sessions run smoothly
  • Each workout includes a specific cool-down stretch routine with photos so you don’t even have to think about what muscles to stretch afterwards


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These bootcamp workouts have been specifically designed for groups of civilians with varying degrees of fitness and ability.

Coping with different fitness levels is one of the biggest challenges that civilian PTIs face. If this sounds familiar to you, then relax. I already figured out heaps of strategies that make managing different fitness levels not only possible, but advantageous.

Every individual in your group will be challenged by these workouts. No one gets left behind.

If you already have Bootcamp Workout Ideas, you will love the new ideas and advancements in this latest batch of workouts. The program has been developed over a 12 month period with real groups of clients and trainers participating. Over 200 workouts were tried and tested in the field to select the 50 that are worthy of being in this e-manual.

You will find a lot of the workouts are shorter, but more intense. This formula has delivered far better results for clients in terms of improving overall fitness and burning fat without depleting muscle.

I also found that prescribing natural, more functional movements has been great for raising the intensity and improving range of motion and mobility too.

Sandbags, kettlebells, battling ropes and medicine balls all feature in this program but the majority of the exercises remain based on bodyweight.

“Just want to say thanks for all the great ideas and the awesome programs. Since I started implementing the workouts my campers have not stopped raving about them. I have had people asking me to please repeat programs the next week cause they enjoyed them so much. ‘Fight gone bad’, ‘Partner relays’ etc etc.


O yes … we had like 7 places in the top 10 for the 10km run. There wasn’t even someone from the athletics club in sight. My ladies kicked butt! …. The programs got us there!”
– Steph Combrinck, Personal Trainer, ZA


Bootcamp Workout Program – Popular Programs

Bootcamp Workout Program

Bootcamp Workout Program

Learn how to offer money-back guarantees that will attract more clients to your fitness bootcamps.


Popular Programs contains full instructions on how to put together effective group outdoor fitness programs that deliver real results.

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It also contains detailed descriptions of 17 done-for-you programs (from 4 weeks to 3 months in duration) that address the most common civilian fitness goals.
If you want to stand out from the competition and enhance your reputation as the most professional personal trainer in your area, then you need this e-manual.

Each program has been scientifically designed and tested on real groups of human beings since 2008. Quite simply, these outdoor fitness programs have been proven to work – and you can stand behind that with a guarantee of your own.

Give yourself an advantage by learning what 95% of other outdoor group trainers either don’t do, or don’t yet know how to do – that is, preparing effective and fun physical training programs.

Save time, energy and money by adopting the most professional way to build a profitable outdoor training business – delivering science-based, methodical and well thought out fitness programs.



Bootcamp Workout Program


Bootcamp Workout Program – Popular Programs Contents

Inside, you will find the following:

  • Three different general physical preparedness programs that will activate and strengthen muscles, remove unwanted body fat and increase capacity to resist fatigue
  • Beginners program that will  gently introduce new clients to the best your outdoor training business has to offer
  • Three fat loss programs guaranteed to remove even those last few stubborn pounds
  • Two periodised running programs that will prepare your clients for a 10k fun run – without suffering any of the common overuse injuries that plague amateur runners who train themselves
  • Two army assault course preparation programs, with a list of organised events in your country
  • Two bodyweight only programs that require absolutely no equipment. Perfect for new bootcamp trainers who want to keep start up costs to a minimum.
  • Warrior training – three indoor bootcamp programs based on boxing and circuit training.
  • A stress-busting corporate program for busy office workers

You also get access to my own personal 12 month bootcamp planner spreadsheet.

It will help you to timetable a whole year’s worth of workouts for your own business.

Popular Programs is a fitness programming manual that will help you to create structured group outdoor PT programs. Each one is guaranteed to deliver the results claimed over the intended time period. The programs have been extensively field tested on real groups of civilians.

Actual workouts are not included but are available seperately in
Bootcamp Workout Ideas Vol I and Bootcamp Workout Ideas Vol II.

 “I can’t tell you how much your articles, workouts etc are helping me. Today has been a breakthrough! I’m feeling the most organised I have felt in 11 weeks and for the first time feel as though I am on top of things and actually have a structure. Every boot camp owner should get on board … it is brilliant!!”
– Nicole Draper, Personal Trainer

“The business managing tips are really good and planning is a vital tool in any fitness business. Popular Programs really complements Bootcamp Workout Ideas and gives outdoor trainers a great structure and planning momentum.”
– Marcel Soares, Personal Trainer