Reward vs Punishment

Here’s a tip that could double the revenue of your personal training practice in just a few months – and it doesn’t involve putting up prices:

REWARD your clients for training more often instead of PUNISHING them for it

Let me explain

Recently, I was working with a Crossfit gym owner whose clients were disappearing for days and weeks at a time.

I had a hunch what was going on, so I asked the receptionist to print off the attendance records for the previous 6 months so I could explain it to the poor gym owner.

Here’s what was happening…

Clients would buy a 10-pack of sessions and then train really hard for 3 or 4 times in the first week.

Second week, the same

Third week, they would show up maybe once or twice

And by the fourth week, they would disappear

About half of them would return a week or two later to buy another 10-pack – but tragically, the other half would disappear for weeks or never return at all.

It turns out that when their 10-pack was getting down to just one or two sessions remaining, the thought of buying another one was putting them off training.

You see, they had budgeted for one 10-pack a month and were simply waiting until pay-day to buy their next one.

For those who didn’t come back, that one-week break was all it took for them to lose momentum and motivation and slide into another cycle of yo-yo exercise.

Relative income vs charging methods for a group personal training practice

Selling casual training sessions and ten-packs is an amateur move that is guaranteed to keep you in the struggle zone.

Reward your clients for training MORE often, not less…

Instead of selling 10-session packs, I suggested offering a monthly membership program that allows members to attend an unlimited number of group training sessions for the same price as the old 10-pack.

Guess what happened…

Well, people started to take advantage of the gym owner by snapping up the deal and training every single day – so they could ‘get their money’s worth’

But get this…

It didn’t cost the gym owner anything since they were already offering a timetable of group classes anyway

Within a few weeks, every session was buzzing with more people

Some classes were literally full

Clients had to book ahead days in advance and were afraid to miss a session for fear of losing their place at the next one

Within a few months, client numbers had doubled.

Not because they were attracting any more new clients…

Simply because they were no longer losing nearly half their client base every single month

Need some help growing your personal training practice?

If you have personal training clients who disappear for days or weeks at a time, adopting a monthly membership model instead of selling 10-session packs can help you retain clients for longer.

Or there may be another reason why they are uncommitted to training.

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