Is Your Fitness Group Leaking Clients?

Is Your Fitness Group Leaking Clients?

Do you ever get frustrated about working long and hard just to keep your head above water?

Have you been putting in a lot of extra effort lately, only to find that that your group fitness business is still not growing as fast as you would like?

What if there is a problem hidden deep in your business causing it to ‘leak clients’?

It is holding you back, but you are completely unaware of it.

You will want to know how to find it double-quick so you can do something about it, right?

Today you’ll  find out how to uncover those problem blind spots and identify new opportunities for growth.

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Get a clear view

Viewing your business from new and fresh angles can often reveal problems or opportunities that weren’t obvious before.

One of the angles to consider is the number of people who interact with you and your training business each month.

I’ve been involved with bootcamps, fitness camps and group training facilities long enough to know that the numbers always reflect a spookily accurate picture of what is really going on.

Here’s what to look for…

What numbers exactly?

It is essential that you track four metrics every single month:

1. The number of enquiries (and where they came from)

2. How many sales calls* you made to follow up on the enquiries

3. The number of new members or clients who joined your fitness bootcamp or training group

4. How many people quit or ‘temporarily suspended’ their training last month

* ‘Sales call’ may be a meeting, a phone call, a trial session, a free postural assessment, health screening interview or just a chat in a coffee shop. Basically, it’s any interaction where you help the person get what they really want: that is, a training program that will work for them.

From these four crucial numbers you can derive some extremely valuable insights that we’ll call ‘key performance indicators’.

These indicators are the keys to unlocking problems and identifying areas for improvement. In our group fitness businesses, we calculate them as follows:

A. Number of Enquiries divided by the Number of Sales Calls you made

B. Number of Sales Calls divided by Number of New clients

C. Number of Current Clients at the end of previous month divided by the number of clients who quit this month

Multiply each fraction by 100 to convert it to a percentage. This makes it easier to work with.

For example ( 20 enquiries ÷ 14 sales calls ) x 100 = 70%

What do the numbers mean?

As a guideline, a healthy group training business undergoing a growth phase should be aiming for:

At least 20 enquiries a month

A. >75% of enquiries lead to a ‘sales call’ of some description

B. >50% of sales calls/trial sessions/assessments become paying clients

C. <5% clients leave each month

How does this compare to the key performance indicators of your business?

Now that you know the indicators of performance and how yours stack up against a healthy business, here’s how to use them to identify trouble spots or areas for improvement:


Basic Troubleshooting Formula

< 20 enquiries a month = Marketing problem

<75% enquiries come for a sales meeting = Sales problem

<50% of sales meeting become a member = Sales or Operational problem

> 5% people leave in a month = Retention Problem


Now, you may have more than one problem area. That’s good news! It means you have uncovered several sources of frustration! Now you can get to work on plugging the gaps that those clients are leaking out from.

Here are some of the most common problem areas that may be causing your numbers to look fairly average:

Common MARKETING Problems

1. You have a weak or vague USP (Unique Selling Proposition). An example of a weak USP would be a fuzzy claim such as “Get Fit!” whereas a solid USP would be more like “Mums: Drop 5kg in 10 weeks or your money back”.

2. You don’t have a detailed description of exactly who your perfect client is. Being specific about this helps you to laser-focus your marketing efforts to the places where those people are likely to hang out.

3. Your marketing efforts are not reaching those potentially perfect clients


Common SALES Problems

1. Your prospects don’t know you, like you or trust you enough to invest in your training program.

2. You are not following a proven sales system or formula.

3. You are not actually ASKING for the sale.


Common RETENTION Problems

1. Your fitness program is not delivering results or the workouts are boring and unrewarding

2. Clients do not feel part of a community

3. You are being unpredictable or inconsistent with what you offer. People come to expect a certain standard, whether that’s good, great or average and they get disappointed if it is erratic.

(By the way, you can fix most operational problems in your business very quickly and without any risk whatsoever simply by joining Kaizen Outdoor Fitness Membership).


Examining your numbers will enable you to view your business from an objective angle

Converting the numbers into ‘key performance indicators’ will help you to identify which areas you need to work on most – and where the best opportunities for improvement lie.

Use the troubleshooting formula to determine if the problem is in marketing, sales or operations and shift your focus into that area

Can I help?

Spotting and fixing problem areas can completely transform your business and propel you miles ahead of the competition.

If you are interested in making giant improvements in your business, just send me an email and tell me one thing:

What is the single biggest problem area in YOUR fitness boot camp business?

I always reply to every email personally and I promise I’ll do my best to help.


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5 Habits of Highly Effective Personal Trainers

How To Make a Fortune as a Group Outdoor Personal Trainer

Why do most personal trainers and fitness professionals find it so hard to make a living?

After all, we help people to live longer and happier lives! Surely that is the most valuable thing any human being can offer?

And when you consider that we can help hundreds if not thousands of people in our community every year, it follows that personal trainers deserve to earn a heck of a lot more money than they do.

So how come most of us barely make minimum wage?

More importantly, why do most trainers quit after only 18 months while only a miniscule few go on to become millionaires?

Well, after seven years of speaking to bootcamp operators and outdoor PTs nearly every day I noticed 5 behaviours that separate the successful trainers from those who struggle to get by.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.


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It’s Actually Really Simple

If you want to do considerably better than your competition, then you must stop acting like them and model the behaviours of those who manage to achieve extraordinary results. Success is just a matter of replacing old, bad habits with new, better ones.

It’s not all about how hard you work, it’s about who you become while doing so.

Adopting the following habits will make you more successful, no doubt about it.


#1 Always Deliver An Amazing Fitness Experience

Is there anything more important than this?

You simply cannot afford to turn up with a vague bunch of exercise ideas that you got from Youtube or some random internet page the night before.

Put some serious thought into it. Plan out programs well in advance and create engaging workouts that actually contribute to the objectives of your training plan.

This is the single biggest difference between clients making genuine gains (and referring their friends) or simply going through the motions, becoming bored and leaving.

If you are not currently investing at least as much time preparing and reviewing training sessions as you are delivering them, then you are doing your clients and your business a huge disservice.

Every successful trainer makes the commitment to do this properly. You will be miles ahead of your competitors by doing just this one thing right.


#2 Be a Role Model

Become the change that you wish to see in others.

In other words, train hard.

Get results for yourself.

Enter fun runs.

Train outside when it’s raining.

Eat clean.

You will inspire others to change far more readily by becoming the person they want to be rather than just talking about it.

Be mindful that you are a leader of fitness in your community. How do you imagine such a person would behave? That’s how you act at all times, right?


#3 Invest In Your Education

You absolutely must understand the science behind creating and delivering fitness programs for groups.

Different exercise modalities do different things to your body

If you throw together random drills and set/rep schemes in the same workout and hope for the best it will always produce mediocre results in the long run. (This is what 95% of civilian bootcamp operators do by the way).

By understanding energy systems and some basic GPP principles, you will be able to create purposeful workout programs that far exceed the results of those “what can I throw at them today” trainers.

It’s really important to understand this so that you can…


#4 Implement What You Know

“To know and not to do is not to know.”
Stephen Covey (from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

It’s not enough to read a book or attend a seminar. You actually have to act on that information.

By reading just one book a month and applying one principle each time, you will make enormous progress and stand head and shoulders above mediocre (ie. poor) trainers.

Time is going to pass anyway and if you are not moving forward you will be left behind.

Actually doing what you know is the difference that’s makes a difference.

Sadly, not enough personal trainers take enough of the right action.


#5 Add massive value

Under-promise and over-deliver to achieve long term success. Again, this about what you actually do rather than what you say you do. Your income is a function of how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

It is too easy to shout “we are the best” on Facebook. It’s amazing how many trainers try this and wonder why no one believes them.

Here’s why: it’s also easy to show us the ‘social proof’ of your work!

So get going and pour your energy into creating something of genuine value.

Your clients will do the shouting for you when you get it right (or wrong).


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  1. Plan your programs based on the results your clients want and deliver amazing training experiences that people will talk about.
  2. Be a role model for your clients and your community
  3. Invest in your education
  4. Actually implement what you learn
  5. Add more value than you accept as payment in return and then scale it to as many people as you can



And a final time-saving tip:
Stop trawling the internet looking for free workouts and random drills.

They can never deliver results on their own because they are not set in the context of a properly planned training program.

Instead, save time and grow your reputation by investing in a carefully researched group outdoor fitness program that has been proven to work on real groups of people.